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The main objective of all the activities, carried out up to date by Yildizlar Yatirim Holding, having born on these lands and shaped and harmonized itself with the values of these lands, is to produce added value for our people and the mankind.


Yildizlar Yatirim Holding, being a member of SKD (Sustainable Development Association) adopts the principles of sustainable development with a holistic point of view in any field from production to marketing activities, from human resources to the logistics just for this objective. Yildizlar Yatirim Holding realizes its investments by planning to the letter in economic, environmental and social aspects for the future not for today; for our children not for itself


Our sustainability teams, constituted with the consciousness of being a member of SKD and including many of our top executives, carry out their activities in four main subjects.


Our environmentalist team continues its activities in three main branches namely “Climate-Friendly Agriculture, Water and Energy” and undersigns various projects on these matters.


With regard to increase of the energy efficiency, structuring activities are conducted in compliance with the sustainable policies for all the constitutions in our organization including particularly energy efficiency in the buildings, energy efficiency in the vehicles and energy efficiency in the industry.


Our social team carries outstudies and activities on the matters of labor health and security, decent work and economic growth.


Our financial investment team, constituting the finance work group, directs approaches of our employees and organization in this field within the framework of the sustainable policies.


Our Capacity Enhancement Team, targeting to develop many projects in the fields of Innovation, Sustainable Consumption, Cyclical Economy and Eco Labelling, to put forth sensitivity of our corporation and causing our employees to become more conscious on sustainable approaches, maintains its activities for a better future.


Furthermore, our Capacity Enhancement Team is now preparing a Sustainability Report, including the sustainable strategies developed by it to evaluate our sources in the most efficient manner and to make the future better than today.

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