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Seaport Management



While ever-growing Yildizlar Yatirim Holding subsidiaries are setting sail for the new horizons each passing day, their exportation and importation volumes are increasingly growing. As a result of such growth, IGSAS Seaport Facilities were activated to conduct shipments of our subsidiaries by the way of marine transportation Our facility, currently turned out to be one of the largest seaports of the bay, satisfies the needs of both our subsidiaries and the third parties.


At IGSAS Seaport Facilities, acting with the annual handling capacity of 3,000,000 tons, both the raw material importation and exportation of group companies ae conducted for the group companies and charging-discharging services are offered to the third parties.


It is possible for the port with the dock length of 375 m+244m and depth of 21 meters enables berth of 70,000 DWT vessels.


Web Site: www.igsas.com

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