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At the moment, IGSAS A.S., continuing its services as a Yildizlar Yatirim Holding orporation, produces urea composed fertilizer, ammonium nitrate fertilizer, prill-porous ammonium nitrate fertilizer, ammoniac, AdBlue, diluted nitric acid and concentrated nitric acid.


At our Kocaeli and Samsun Factories, total annual amount of 115,000 tons Adblue is produced under the trademark of IGSASBLUE


Additionally, when required, IGSAS imports Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate and similar fertilizers to satisfy the needs of the Turkish farmers.





The first and the only urea producer of Turkey…


IGSAS Kocaeli Factory, incorporated into the structure of Yildizlar Yatirim Holding in 2004, was established in Kocaeli Korfez on March 31, 1971.


Ammonium Facility: Annual production capacity of 396,000 tons;

Urea Facility: Annual production capacity of 560,000 tons;

Composed Fertilizer Facility: Annual production capacity of 225,000 tons;

AdBlue Facility: Annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.




The facility, the foundation of which was laid in 1955, and which was commissioned in 1961, was subsequently incorporated into Yildiz Entegre in 2004. Our facility, acting as IGSAS Kutahya Factory today, is the only factory, producing Prill Porous Ammonium Nitrate and Concentrated Nitric Acid


Ammonium Nitrate Facility: 338,500 tons/year 26 AN; 265,000 tons/year 33 AN Production capacity

Prill Porous Ammonium Nitrate Facility: Annual production capacity of 250,000 tons

Diluted Nitrite Acid Facilities: 201,300 tons/year production capacity 

Concentrated​ Nitrite Acid Facilities: 15.000 tons/year production capacity




In 2014, AdBlue production was started At IGSAS Kocaeli Factory. As a result of the investments made at our Samsun Factory, annual amount of 15,000 tons of AdBlue is produced.


AdBlue Facilities: Annual production capacity of 15,000 tons


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